January 23, 2013 @ 8:44 AM

I love granola, yet I had forgotten how much I dislike commercially made versions.  It's super sweet, kind of greasy and just plain feels heavy.  Maybe it's me, but it feels like it leaves a grease mark on my tongue.  Ewww, I'm just not a fan.  My daughter had picked up a box last week to fancy up the top of her yogurt.  When she walked away yesterday, I stole a bite.  BIG mistake!  It didn't even taste real.  That is when I remembered, I really need to make some granola!

A few years ago I started making granola at home to great reviews.  Apparently it's time to revive that endevour so that we don't have that not so tasty mistake happen again.  Some crunchy fresh ......

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January 21, 2013 @ 8:00 PM

So today I lost my mind!  No comments from the peanut gallery please and thank you.  Anyhow, I have heard of making your own laundry detergents as well as other household cleaners.  Let's face it these items are WAY overpriced.  I thought "there has to be another way to go about this".  Right?  Right!  I searched around....  Scoped out a bunch of different recipes... Liquids, creams, powders, etc...  Turns out they all should be added directly into the tub before the clothes are thrown in and the machine is turned on.  Most of the liquid, or liquidish, recipes were the same as the powder with added water.  I read ALL of the comments and bore witness to many issues with ......

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