Psychic Readings, Tarot Readings, Mediumship and More...
Cape Cod and South East Massachusetts

Psychic Readings:

In House - Psychic Readings are available by appointment only.  Our reading space is private and all readings are confidential.  As the shop is now closed we currently hold our readings in Cedarville approximately one mile from Exit 2. We are also available via phone and Skype!  If you need discretion used in our appointment confirmation call please be sure to let us know when you are initially scheduled and we will make note of it.  Our goal is to provide you with a safe friendly enviroment in which to have your reading. 

20 minutes - $35.00,    30 minutes - $45.00,    45 minutes - $65.00,   60 minutes - $75.00

Parties - Yes!  We also can come to your house or place of business for psychic reading parties.  The following rates are for private parties, per reading... 

How about for a wedding or corporate function???   Hourly rates apply per reader.

20 minutes - $40.00,   30 minutes - $50.00,  45 minutes - $70.00,  60 minutes - $80.00

Betty - Psychic, Medium, Medically Intuitive.  Card Reader (using regular playing cards) - Past, Present, Future Communicates telepathically with Spirit Guides for a positive, informative and constructive reading.  Crystal Ball Advisor - Answers questions and gives advice relating to: Love, Health, Relationships, Career & Business.  Messages from the other side: When loved ones appear in readings, connects to them, to obtain messages from the other side.  "I come from a line of psychics.  My grandfather was a "healer". Many people came to him to be healed. A gifted man, he has passed this gift to my mother, myself, my daughter and granddaughter.  Each of us have chosen different areas in the psychic world. I have chosen cards as a means to help guide people in the right direction. I give a positive, upbeat reading, with a little humor thrown in.  I have been a card reader for over 20 years. Have read cards at shops in Plymouth and in Sandwich. Besides many individual readings, I have read at many card reading parties in various locations; Norton, Attleboro, Taunton, Raynham, Lakeville, Middleboro, Plymouth, Hingham, Easton, Brockton and throughout Cape Cod, so let's party.  Betty is available Sundays and Fridays


Tammi is an intuitive reader, building upon a solid foundation of
understanding the basic principles and symbology of Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards. 
She utilizes a number of Divination tools in her work including runes, scrying, numerology, intuitive discernment and astrology both independently and as an extension to whichever energy work she is practicing. She is a Reiki Master, Advanced IET (Integrated Energy Therapy ®) practitioner, is trained in Crystal Energy™Healing, Dowsing the Human Energy Fields, space clearing, facilitates Intuitive Tarot workshops and walks a life long path with the Goddess. Tammi is available for readings, Reiki, Crystal Healing and other forms of energy work by appointment.

Daena - Daena has been a "sensitive" from an early age, she started exploring her psychic talents as an adult by taking classes in Reiki, Palmistry, Tarot and Mediumship. Daena's readings are mainly Intuitive Tarot but often encompass Psychometry or Mediumship. It is not uncommon for a deceased loved one or guide to deliver a message or validate information.  Her loving heart and sense of humor often result in a reading that is fun as well as enlightening...

Lisa is a certified Angel Reader and delivers a powerful right on the mark reading while still maintaining her gentle nature.  A great combination!  She blew us away when she stopped in one day and we've been asking her back ever since!  Lisa is available by appointment.

Mark is currently residing out of state but returns when in the area as a guest reader.

Mark is reader who has chosen to walk the Pagan path with the Goddess Kali. During his reading, Mark communicates with Kali and your spirit guides, to deliver necessary messages to you. Being a triple Virgo Mark is a grounded individual, enabling him to listen with an attuned intuition to help you on your journey through this life. While understanding that all of us have free will and the choices we make determine our destiny; Mark can be a conduit to offer divine guidance to everyday life. As a worker of White light, his readings are not shroud in darkness or deceit. Rather they are gentle suggestions or ideas of focus to guide you on your path. Whether your questions be about work, relationships, finances, or other areas you wish to gain insight on. Mark has developed a unique method utilizing the spirit of the Tarot to give the messages of the goddess to you. His tarot readings are compassionate and loving, and will help you to have a deeper understanding of what is going on in your life, make suggestions based on what your spirit guides have to say, and help give you ideas to accomplish these goals in your everyday life.

Michelle has been a psychic tarot reader for many years.  She started with tarot back in high school and has broadened her reading tools over the many, many years since then.  She has explored mediumship, palmistry, tea leaf reading, psychometry and more.  Michelle incorporates whichever tools she is drawn to use into readings making each one a unique experience.  She is an ordained minister in the state of MA and performs spiritual ceremonies for all occasions.  Michelle is a certified herbalist and aromatherapist as well as an avid gardener with a wicked sense of humor.  She shares her life with her family and friends as well as three dogs, four cats and nine chickens.  Blessed Be!