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Soap Making with Desiree Cohen  -  April 21st, 2012.  12pm. - Come learn how to make soap the old fashioned way!  This class will go over the basic techniques for making a good home made bar of soap.  We will go over different ingredients that can be used and their properties.  We will discuss different types of molds and gift packaging.  Handouts will include above information plus recipes and a little bit of facts and history.  We will be using all vegetable oils, no animal fats, and pure essential oils for scent.   Plan on wearing clothes that it's ok to get stained just in case.  Class Fee: $45.00 and $10.00 Materials Fee.


The Art of Creating Homemade Mead with Desirée Cohen. - April 21st, 2012. 3pm - We're done. Learn the ancient art of creating honey-based libations. This demonstration will include all the steps to successfully brew your own mead. We will discuss the differences between mead and wine, the do's and don'ts, shortcuts, and helpful hints to create powerful potions. There will be sampling and recipes provided.  Class Fee: $45.00 plus a $15.00 Materials Fee for 21 page handout and Meade and Wine samples.  This is a 21+ class!

Percolation & Standardized Method of Tincture making - April 26th, 2012. 1pm.
This class will teach you the fine art of making tinctures using the cold percolation method.  We will also briefly go over the standardized process of tincturing using a solvent range chart.  I will demonstrate all the steps to make a successful percolated tincture.  Materials fee covers hand out (solvent range chart, percolation worksheet, brief instructions for filling out worksheet and using the chart.) & 1/2 oz percolated tincture with dropper.  Teacher:  Desiree Cohen.  Class Fee: $45.00 and $10.00 Materials Fee. Pre-register by March 26th.

Exploring the Feminine Divine - TBA.
Journey back in to the depths of history and reconnect to the First God: The Great Mother.
Innana, Hathor, Danu, some of the names of the sacred goddess who was the first deity to be worshiped by humankind. Explore with us by researching primary and secondary sources and how She is manifested within us all today.  Please bring: Open mind and an Open heart. Notebook and pencil and Mug.  Teacher Susan Souza-Mort.  Class Fee: $35.00  Pre-registration required by March 21st.

Susan Souza-Mort is a professor of history and a research librarian who likes to look stuff up. A graduate of Simmons College and attended Oxford University her studies included ancient and medieval religions.
She has been a practitioner of Witchcraft for over 25 years and has facilitated hundreds of rituals from simple to elaborate in many traditions.

Besom Making!  TBA

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